En Route​/​In Transit

by Letters

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released March 23, 2015

Letters is:

Cole Fleming, Robb Coleman, Alex Keenan, and Jacob Peyton.

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Greg McGowan in Charleston, WV.
Mastered by Jesse Cannon at Cannon Found Soundation in Union City, NJ.

All songs written and performed by Letters.
Additional vocals on "Seven" courtesy of Dustin Patton.
Drums on "Ready Set Wait" by Chris Thompson.
Bass on "Ready Set Wait" by Greg McGowan.



all rights reserved


Letters Charleston, West Virginia

Letters is a four piece rock band from West Virginia.

Vocals, Guitar - Cole Fleming
Vocals, Guitar - Robb Coleman
Bass - Alex Keenan
Drums - Jacob Peyton

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Track Name: vs the State
Is this good enough for you yet, now that I've given my all and have nothing left? My heart and soul rest in this, now I'm burning every bridge. I'm swinging from my neck, a rope from both our hands. This means everything, it's not to prove a point. The meaning may be lost, but get this through your head.

So put your fists up tonight, you know I'm down for a fight. We run the risk of breaking down, as you sleep you're losing ground. I don't wanna hear your lines, I don't wanna see your sky. So raise your fists, say your goodbyes. We can beat this state tonight.

You don't know anything about the things you've done to me. You don't know anything at all, but that's never stopped you from telling me who I am. You're so far off, you always miss your mark. This is the last time you say what's on my mind. I'll make this loud, oh I bet you'll hear me this time.

They're reaching in with pliers, they're pulling out my teeth. These bones aren't quite as strong as they used to be.

So put your fists up tonight, you know I'm down for a fight. Think of all the things you said in the gutter where you rest your head.
Track Name: Seven (feat. Dustin Patton)
Hey there Mr. Mouthoff, everybody knows you're not so funny. You're just trying to make a fool of me. I won't let you show off and get the best of my bad side, I think you should learn to hold your peace.

So if you must know, I'm feeling like a vulture standing on a cliffside. Like a beggar who gave everything away just to feel alive. I'm feeling ill-excused, misplaced, and out of touch with a star I knew who bet too much on a boy who had no clue, spent all his time just trying to undo.

So please young monastery, join the sinners on fourth street. Call out to a god we all once knew and reason with yourselves for a reason to yell about. We know you've got no heart left to give.

I haven't slept in two weeks, but no one knows what that means.

For every knuckle that I chewed past the point of tearing off the skin, on the nights when I thought that I would never fall asleep again. And of all the things that'll keep me awake, my dreams will not be one.

And I haven't slept in two weeks, but no one knows what that means.
Track Name: Outside
The sky burned me down right to my feet until the stars led me out of my soft sheets. It threw me into commitment so I could lose myself in the moment. I opened my eyes and found the world to be a blend of dark skies and the warm sunlight that I always took for granted my whole life.

Can you save me from the third degree burns on my sleeve? They're keeping me awake. I'm still slamming my head into a wall, trying not to collapse under the bad habits that made me this way. You made me this way.

So let it burn right to the ground. Don't leave me a place to rest, just take me

To the world outside, where we used to hide. To the world outside where I felt so alive. And the world outside is so perfect in my mind but I can't survive in the world outside.

I'm keeping myself at the table with these habits I'm unable to overcome this time. My chips are spent, I'm hell bent on not putting dents in the walls I've been leaning on, 'cause that's worked out well enough.

Can we go outside, where the trees sway? Where the birds sing and the kids play? I spent the past two years stuck in my mind, and nothing sounds better than going outside.
Track Name: This Isn't a Celebration
You built this yourself with your passion and time, but took no time at all to see that greener grass was on the other side. Just the next in line. I'm stuck and estranged, still marked with your name. But the taste of those days I'm sure you've long washed away.

I thought I was your home, but you were just on vacation. The lights are going up, but this is not a celebration. Get out, get out. I'll keep an ear to the ground, 'cause you won't get too far before you'll want to look at me drown.

The picture was perfect, placed in my collection. It's all I could see when I pictured perfection. But looking back, I see the cracked glass and how bad we framed the lines. I guess I just got old, all your warmth became cold. We can't hold up the world, I can't even keep you afloat.

Just tell me why I couldn't fix it this time. I would have died for you to try, oh I would have died.

The lights are going up, but this is not a celebration. I thought I was your home but now I guess I'm fucking vacant. Mark out the return address, give me all your best excuses. Throw out those words you kept because I know you never needed them.
Track Name: My Closer
I broke my legs from the weight of the world up on my shoulders. If this is the end, well, I regret everything. I spent my time just trying to impress the ones I know would never care about me.

Well this isn't for you, it's just for me.

So swallow your pride, chase it down with all your friends and all your filthy lies. Don't you think that I'll stop singing when this is all over? I've never been a headline, but you'll always be my closer.

If my life's a joke then I'm still waiting for the punchline. And where the hell have I been for the past six months that my own bed doesn't feel like home?

I need a light to guide me, I need someone to find me. Tell them you never loved me, tell me that you're above me, we both know that I need you.
Track Name: Time Well Spent
A wise man once told me:
"Don't waste your time. 'Cause when you get to be my age, you'll wonder why and where all your time went, all the ways you spent it feel so wrong.

So I'll tell you something that I wish I would've learned, back when I was a youngin with so much fuel to burn. Don't waste your time chasing loved ones away, and don't you think that you'll get to it another day?

Don't you ever worry 'bout what other people say, 'cause none of that matters when you are my age."

I returned his gaze and talked back about the ways that I have spent my life as the son he never met, never there to catch me when I fall.

"You're just a kid and I'm not gonna argue with you, but you'll learn the hard way if you keep on keeping on this path. It just doesn't make much sense to break your legs with all the weight on your back."

But it's my choice to keep on finding ways to find my voice in a world that you put me in.
It's caving in on me, and you're not there to hold up the roof I had to put up over my own head.

I'm the best I've ever been.

I'll use my time chasing problems away, I'll rest up and get to it another day. Besides, I never worried 'bout what other people say, 'cause none of that'll matter when I am your age.
Track Name: Ready Set Wait
I know shame and love like the back of my hand, but had some trouble with learning redemption. A million bottled hearts and none of them beating, another round of applause for the heathens.

I've got this feeling that you're gonna get the best of me. But before all's said and done with, I know I'll show you. This year's gonna be as bad as the last, but maybe the last year wasn't so bad.

Even if you're lying, lie with me one last time. I know you're sick of trying, but try to keep me in mind.

An evening out with all your friends, I'm listening to Cork Tree again. But everything would go as planned if you would let me just try to live my life.

I've grown so sick, oh so sick of everything in my room. I just need to get out and find the words to say to you. You say that I'm changing. Your friends, they all keep blaming. My friends, they say I'll be okay.

I know I'll be okay.
Track Name: How to Draw Steampunk
Ticked back to life this morning, fed up and without warning. Nobody wants to spend the day with me. Sit on the couch and think about the ways I spend my days. Truth be told, I think I'm wasting away.

They're telling me I should try to unwind, but it's all in my mind. It's all in my mind, and I think today I should try to unwind, but I

I don't know why I don't know why I don't do anything right. I don't know why I don't know.

Ticked back to life this morning, cold feet on concrete flooring. Deep breath to calm distress and clear up my head. Every time I rack my brain it always seems to end the same. I'm getting used to going nowhere again.

In my dreams I put this behind me, I know I'm just trying to fall asleep. It's time to pull myself out of this.

I check my pulse one more time, make sure I'm breathing alright. Dust off and stand up tall, and tick back to life.
Track Name: Broken Ground
When the winter comes, we'll talk to all our friends about the things we've missed while we were away. Some days we laugh, some nights we cry about the things we've lost and things we've found.

And if you haven't already figured this out,

When you ask me if I'm listening, I'll just say that I'm missing every word you say. I can't move past my inhibitions or this leverage I've been giving to this struggle between doubt and faith.

Oh how the winter came, and how everything changed about the things I missed while I was away. And just the other day, I thought I saw your face. I want back so bad what was taken from me.

Life made sense before you left, but I kept your voice inside my head. I've been shown love and such kindness, but none of these houses have been home since. And if our god's so benevolent, then did he ever hear the prayers I sent? And is it wrong to feel mislead? Because it doesn't make sense to live this mess.

Show me your hands, just show me your hands. If there's no blood, well God, I'll be damned.