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Five track split EP featuring our wonderful friends in No Pretty Pictures. support them here: noprettypictures.bandcamp.com


released December 24, 2015

Letters is:

Cole Fleming, Robb Coleman, Alex Keenan, and Jacob Peyton.

No Pretty Pictures is:

John Poole, David Plumley, Trey Sunderland, Ryan Wright, Garrett Smith, and Shane Durham.

Tracks 1, 2, and 3 produced and engineered by No Pretty Pictures and mixed by Greg McGowan in Charleston, WV.
Tracks 4 and 5 produced, engineered, and mixed by Greg McGowan in Charleston, WV.
All tracks mastered by Jesse Cannon at Cannon Found Soundation in Union City, NJ.

Tracks 1, 2, and 3 written and performed by No Pretty Pictures.
Tracks 4 and 5 written and performed by Letters.



all rights reserved


Letters Charleston, West Virginia

Letters is a four piece rock band from West Virginia.

Vocals, Guitar - Cole Fleming
Vocals, Guitar - Robb Coleman
Bass - Alex Keenan
Drums - Jacob Peyton

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Track Name: No Pretty Pictures - The World, Part 1
i've seen the world all over, the crimson and the clover. i've held it all with a clenched fist.

i've seen the world, but never quite like this.
Track Name: No Pretty Pictures - The World, Part 2
memory is your soul's scribe etching into your mind. all the wondrous paths you'll find in time. history is told by those who live on, and the learned don't repeat it. and i will live my life beguiled by my constant, incessant craving for life.

the tenements were lit like lanterns.

i, bewildered, inquire this incursion of the mind, the nebulous from where we came. this constant need to fascinate, this conscious state, prolific waves. solar plexus open wide.

the tenements were lit like lanterns.
Track Name: No Pretty Pictures - The World, Part 3
and i, i will live my life beguiled. history is told by those who survive. i have arrived to the place that i have strived. open wide your weary eyes, remove your guise.

come alive.

the nebulous where we came, progressions towards the end of days until i will awaken alert and enlighten my gaze.
Track Name: Letters - Away Games
homeward bound never felt so down and out to me, and i'm trying to fight my apathy, but i'm headed somewhere i don't want to be when the sun comes up. i'm pulling figure eights around the highways of my home state. a to b will torment me from the lack of scenery.

i'm staying out way past dark in hopes of finding the other part to this harmony everyone calls home.

so if you hear me before i stop, i'll be driving all night to take one last shot. these second chances will be the death of me. we're all gods or we're all frauds, stitched together but cut from the same cloth. who can say that's wrong?

you took me down past this unrequited melody and i learned that life is more than black and white, shaded with hues of brown. play the victim if you think you know the part so well, keep on searching but you'll never find a sense of self. no spine, no way to change your mind. but at least i tried.

so if you hear me, i'm feeling like a vulture standing on a cliffside. if you hear me, raise your fists and say your goodbyes. and if you hear me, i would have died for you to try. oh, i would have died. if you hear me, in the world outside, the world outside...
Track Name: Letters - Aw Baby, You Look Like Star Wars
think i'm breaking bones, think i'm losing footing. i think i'm falling apart at the seams again. it's a little cliche to say that when the pieces start to stick, i run out of glue. i'm structurally sound with cracks in the foundation, always evident like good acting with a bad script. give it a pass, because it's shot independently and features bill murray.

let the moon crash into the tower again, 'cause honestly i'm done playing. let the moon crash into the tower again, 'cause maybe i'm not worth saving.

if i counted all the bottles at the end of this party, there would be three. i'm such a lightweight. hit the reset button, i wanna start anew or at least hit snooze. i'm still tired from the events of the night before. my new beard would've helped in keeping you from seeing me, but hindsight is hardly ever 20/20.

you broke me. i hope you see that i'm blowing into cartridges of our busted relationship, 'cause it worked for my brother once when we were kids.

let it crash, let it burn, let it all collapse. let me know that it's never enough, uh oh. watch it crash, watch it burn, and we'll all just laugh, 'cause we know that it's never enough, uh oh.